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A cognitive solution to shortlist talents
A cognitive solution to shortlist talents
A cognitive solution to shortlist talents
A cognitive solution to shortlist talents
A cognitive solution to shortlist talents
A cognitive solution to shortlist talents

A cognitive solution to shortlist talents

Simcoe AI is an intelligent add-on to your recruiting process to match, sort and rank talents based on your job requirements

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What sets Simcoe AI apart?

Simcoe AI simplifies the most difficult element of recruitment which is identifying the right candidates from a large talent lake. Our state-of-art Artificial Intelligence software centrally stores talents’ resumes in separate lakes for lightning-fast cognitive search, fine-tuned relevancy, also accurate sorting and ranking

Quick and easy setup

Once you create an account, you are having the backend system provide a dedicated environment to your company. You can invite your colleagues to start creating talent lakes, search and shortlist candidates.

Intelligent matching

Our AI-powered software already knows that talent or candidate is more than a list of keywords in a resume. It matches the resume based on the entire data found in the context of the job assignment and a holistic profile.

Accurate ranking

Our software eliminates irrelevant candidates from the search results. What the system surfaces are the best matches to the job. It ranks the results descendingly based on the closest match to the job description’s context.

Recommendation engine

Our software uses an algorithm that can recommend talents similar to the qualifications of another one. Leverage this feature if you wish to have a broader range of choices for a given job description.

Intelligent chatbot

Skip calling up every single candidate for screening. Instead, delegate the screening conversation to Simcoe AI’s chatbot to engage with candidates at scale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlimited capacity

We have implemented a cloud-based application with a state-of-art architecture resilient to system load. It scales out automatically and uses more cloud resources if necessary to deliver results efficiently.

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Make data-driven hiring decisions

Let our intelligent software analyze talents' resumes based on the context of the job descriptions, and you focus on making your final decision based on the data you are collecting.

  • Flexible: Our software enables you to create various lakes of resumes easily and search each of them fast based on a different job context. You can add a single resume to each lake or in a batch.
  • Curated results: Our AI-powered software employs complex algorithms to compute scores, distill candidates and rank them. Each candidate's given score exhibits their pertinence to the job description.
  • Eliminate bias: O Our AI-powered software eliminates unconscious bias and helps the hiring process be bias-free.
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Defer the laborious and time-consuming task of examining resumes and screening candidates to our intelligent AI-powered technology.

  • Efficient engine: Our serverless architecture is flexible enough to acquire further resources from the cloud automatically to analyze resumes and conclude the results. This architecture allows us to deliver results as rapidly as possible.
  • Screening: Create a threshold of the number of candidates you'd like to have the system engage with, and the system starts initiating a meaningful conversation with the best candidates automatically.
  • Design questionnaire: Our AI-powered software is capable of producing a questionnaire out of a meaningful, quality and human-understandable job description. It automatically engages with the chosen candidates to collect their answers and measure the results.
  • Make the final call: The software provides you the screening results and measuring the relevance so that you can make the final call on whom to choose to interview.

Easy Setup

Get started in a few minutes

we have put a lot of efforts to make our complex infrastructure

easy to setup, easy to manage and easy to use. 

Create a secure account

Once you create an account, a secure environment will be provisioned and become available to your company within a few minutes. You can invite your colleagues to start using the system collaboratively.

Create a lake of talents

Create a lake of talents where you'd normally store the resumes by uploading them one by one or in a batch.

Add the job description

Add a meaningful and quality job description text to the talents lake.


Click on "Search" button to see the ranked selected candidates.

Launch your talent search platform

Launch your talent search platform

Boost your team's efficiency by eliminating labor-intensive tasks

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