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Integration your application with Simcoe AI

Our Web API

Simple and RESTful

Integrating with Simcoe AI’s backend system is far easy! Thanks to our secure web-based Application Programming Interface (API) with its robust asynchronous technology. Simply submit POST requests and the system will notify you once the results are ready in real-time!

Efficient and scalable

The state-of-the-art architecture of Simcoe AI is resilient to the influx of users traffic and it's blazing fast! It will not be a bottleneck to external applications integrating with Simcoe AI’s web API and there is no latency or blockage in placing web requests.


Leverage Simcoe AI as a white-label add-on to add Artificial Intelligence to your recruitment application with your own brand name. A comprehensive documentation of our application's workflow and integration steps are available on our GitHub page.

Developers can also directly consult the document that elaborates leveraging Simcoe AI's easy-to-use Typescript library to integrate with our backend.

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