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Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence by leveraging Simcoe AI to analyze resumes, shortlist candidates, engage with them in scale and reduce bias without compromising the quality

Formula setup

Our AI-powered software consists of multiple key components contributing to calculating each candidate's final score. The importance of measurement factors by these components may vary depending on the search criteria. Therefore, the weight of those factors can be adjusted accordingly per each job description.

Intelligent match

Our AI-powered software already knows that talent or candidate is more than a list of keywords in a resume. It matches the resume based on the entire data found in the context of the job assignment and a holistic profile. Our system leverages big data algorithms, machine learning, and NLP to deliver contextual results.

Accurate ranking

Our software eliminates irrelevant candidates from the search results. What the system surfaces are the best matches to the job. It ranks the results descendingly based on the closest match to the job description’s context.
This feature allows you to optimize your talents lake with the high-ranking ones on top.

Intelligent chatbot

Skip calling up every single candidate for screening. Instead, delegate the screening conversation to Simcoe AI’s chatbot to engage with candidates at scale 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can happen from anywhere at any time.

World-class security

We have invested a lot in technology to ensure our clients' data are safe and secure on our cloud infrastructure. Thanks to our world-class and futuristic authentication scheme which allows users to use their email addresses or social accounts to login seamlessly.

Seamless integration

We provide a robust and secure web-based API to integrate Simcoe AI with your existing ATS applications, databases or any other applications. Our web api integration offers a consistent and simple pattern to submit requests for processing.

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